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Tips for Starting a New Nursing Job

by Soliant Health on August 29, 2017

new nursing jobThe first days and weeks at a new job can be stressful, whether you are a freshly graduated nursing student or a seasoned professional making a career move. You’re suddenly surrounded by new supervisors, co-workers, and patients and need to learn new office policies and politics while integrating your personality into the dynamic of your new workplace. [click to continue…]


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Awesome Team-Building Adventures for Nurses

by Tera Tuten on July 16, 2013

Anxiety, anger, guilt, pressure, resentment, and other forms of stress are toxic for nurses and nursing staffs.

While it doesn’t seem like there’s even enough time for day-to-day patient care, life-and-death decisions, and other responsibilities, taking the time to strengthen your team can be harmless at worst and transformative at best. [click to continue…]


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You could argue that the medical profession is by far the most eventful major employment sector, with an unrelenting stream of patients, thousands of variables to every procedure, and the high-adrenaline rush of urgent situations like time-sensitive surgeries and the emergency room.

So it’s no surprise that in most hospitals (and many clinics), there’s little time for contemplation, reflection, or thoughtfulness.

For that reason, maybe it’s even more important to take a minute to come up with a game plan for some key things to say to your co-workers to help improve your performance and theirs:

“Can you help me?”

You may think you’re doing this sufficiently but – within reason – you can’t say this enough. As busy as you and everyone else is, saying “can you help me?” isn’t just asking for help for yourself, it’s complimenting the person you’re saying it to by showing you value their abilities. [click to continue…]