Outstanding School Psychologist Spotlight: Keshia Porter


While we are often impressed by many of the educators we employ, it is extraordinarily special to have them recognized by the school district in which we place them. We get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that we are able to match individuals to their dream jobs, and that their talent is being utilized and appreciated. Take Keshia Porter, for instance. She is a school psychologist working in the Aurora Public School District and was given the Sharp Staff Award for her exemplary work ethic and dedication towards her 7th grade students. This is what Jessica Rodriguez Bracy, the AWCPA Assistant Principal, had to say about her.

“Often times, I see students reaching out to Keshia for support, which tells me, they feel comfortable and safe around her. She has a great balance of supporting students with that they need while holding them accountable to high expectations so that they are successful inside and outside of the classroom. I appreciate her and we’re glad she’s part of our AWCPA family!”

Keshia received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Kentucky University, but she didn’t stop there. She continued furthering her education, receiving her specialty degree in School Psychology. Keshia’s career objective is to “provide a variety of psycho-educational services to students in a collaborative and creative environment.” The passion that Keshia has for her profession was obvious to us the second we met her. Soliant is grateful to be working with such an exceptional person. We congratulate Keshia on her accomplishment and look forward seeing her work as a school psychologist being recognized more and more in the future!

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