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How Much Do You Know about Nursing Ethics?

by Tera Tuten on October 16, 2012

How Much Do You Know about Nursing Ethics?

Though many people may not realize it, nursing ethics and medical ethics are not synonymous. As Dr. Sarah Breier-Mackie wrote in the April 2006 issue of Gastroenterology Nursing, medicine is focused on cure, while nursing is focused on health. Care and healing are complementary, but not synonymous, and the distinction between caring for the person and caring for the disease dates back to Florence Nightingale in the late 19th Century.

Doctors, of course, are charged with fixing the problems a patient presents with. Nurses are another line of defense in healthcare, caring for the whole patient through compassionate means to promote, preserve, and restore health.  So what does this mean when it comes to ethics? [click to continue…]