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(Sham)Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day Activities

by Carmela Nazareno on March 10, 2015


We’re only a week away from St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday not only gives us an excuse to wear the green-colored clothing we have tucked away in our closets, it also allows us to celebrate the rich Irish culture in a fun and festive way. If you so happen to be a school-based professional in search of themed activities to do on this day, look no further than our top picks for (Sham)Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day-themed Classroom Activities: [click to continue…]



Speech Therapy Activities So Lovely & Sweet

by Carmela Nazareno on February 10, 2015

Love is in the air… but your Valentine’s Day-themed lesson plan shouldn’t be! On today’s post, we’re sharing our favorite Valentine’s Day speech therapy ideas that don’t require too much time or effort to prepare. Did we mention that they are available for FREE? Makes them that much sweeter, doesn’t it?


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20 best speech therapy blogs

by Tera Tuten on January 6, 2015

Speech therapy is definitely an area of the medical profession that relieSpeech-therapy-blogss more than others on innovation and sharing within its community of professionals.

We thought it would be fun (and useful) to gather together our top 20 picks for the best speech therapy blogs, in three distinct categories…. [click to continue…]



social-media-school-cyberbullyingSocial media has changed the world, for better or worse. The fact is that social media is virtually available to anyone, including students that attend middle schools and high schools. Many children have their own smart phones that allow them to stay connected at all times. These devices let them to connect with other students at school and beyond. This also means that fallout from positive and negative interactions on those platforms can trickle down into the school day. [click to continue…]


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