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How To Help Your Patient Help You In Your Diagnosis

by Tera Tuten on August 3, 2010

Don – a man in his 60s – couldn’t get through the night without waking up with chronic bleeding and extreme pain from a venous ulcer…until his wife researched and made contact with a wound specialist online. Identifying Don’s problem with the help of his wife’s pages of website printouts in-tow, the specialist switched Don’s meds and changed the way pressure was put on the wound. That same day, Don’s pain went away and he began healing rapidly.

Patients Aiding in Diagnosis

Involving patients in the diagnosis process is usually a win-win situation: Tests and observation are critically important but taking-in how a patient actually feels can help medical professionals nail it early-on. Patients know their bodies and lifestyles, and insights into their daily lives are invaluable in diagnosing their ailments. [click to continue…]



Should Doctors be Scientists? 10 Reasons Why

by Ryan Winter on April 26, 2010


“Some doctors are scientists – just as some politicians are scientists – but most are not,” writes Richard Smith. The former British Medical Journal editor notes that such doctors’ exposure to science starts, and often ends, in med school.

A pity, since having and using a scientific background in daily clinical work could yield benefits for both doctor and patient.

With a science background, a doctor can question, experiment, and generate conclusions he or she might not have otherwise had the benefit of. Such benefits tend to turn clinicians into more curious people: “the kind of people who brush their teeth on only one side of their mouth to see whether brushing your teeth has any benefit,” as Smith puts it. Mixing science with medicine also tends to lead to innovation, career fulfillment, and breakthroughs in both fields.

With that in mind, here are 10 discussions to consider when it comes to adding a scientific outlook to a days’ doctoring: [click to continue…]


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Doctors Who Made a Difference

by Ryan Winter on February 3, 2010

doctors_who_made_a_difference_soliantMore than making house calls and being there for patients, the following doctors spent the last year coming up with discoveries, techniques, treatments, and tales of bravery that changed the lives of the people under their watch and those under the care of many of their colleagues.

From coming up with a faster way to get more organs to transplant recipients to finding less painful ways of administering chemotherapy, these doctors contributions have touched their patients and thousands more they will never meet: [click to continue…]



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