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cold flu seasonCold and flu season is knocking on the door, and no one knows this better than those who work in direct patient care. Not only is this a very busy season for those in health care, but it’s also a risky one. With germs flying all around, it can be easy to fall victim to whatever bug is bringing folks in for an office visit. While it’s impossible to avoid contact with germs when working in a clinical setting, here are some tips for healthcare professionals to help them stay a little healthier this cold and flu season. [click to continue…]



Training to Combat Opioid Abuse

by Soliant Health on July 19, 2016

combat opioid abuseIt’s fairly common knowledge that there is a growing problem of painkiller abuse sweeping the nation. With national data showing that opioid painkiller deaths are up more than 400% since 2001, physicians are struggling to find a balance between prescribing necessary painkillers to their patients and attempting to avoid contributing to this growing problem.  Many med schools and teaching hospitals are looking closely at this issue and how they can improve the training given to new healthcare providers to work toward reducing these issues.

A lack of training at the university level has been cited as a contributing factor in creating the problem of opioid abuse. Many universities have recently received federal grants to put programs in place to assist in giving the necessary training to new physicians to help them identify potential cases of drug abuse and find alternative solutions to prescribing stronger painkillers. [click to continue…]



The Best Cities for Pharmacists

by Carmela Nazareno on January 27, 2015

Live where you vacation. Chances are, you’ve read this statement at some point, somewhere. It may have been on a bumper sticker, a social media post, maybe even a television commercial. If you’re finding it difficult, or maybe even impossible, to fall in love with where you live and work, it may be time for a change of scenery.


[click to continue…]



Pharmacy school vs pharmacy in the real world

by Tera Tuten on December 9, 2014

pharmacy-school-tipsThere seems to be a growing divide between the expectations of students in U.S. pharmacy schools and the realities of being a pharmacist. [click to continue…]



automated-pharmacies-never-replace-pharmacists-soliantWould you want a robot dispensing drugs for you and your patients? Odds are, that’s long since been the case, to one extent or another:

Robotics have been used to help dispense medication in some pharmacies since the 1990s and robots for delivering medication have been used in hospitals for a decade.

And even before that, machines have been used for decades to count pills for dispensing – Such technology is now the standard in more than 30,000 pharmacies worldwide.

But will technology ever replace pharmacists completely? [click to continue…]



Should Pseudoephedrine be Prescription Only?

by Tera Tuten on June 5, 2012

Pseudoephedrine has been the subject of state and national debate for the past several decades, as the use of the product has been linked to the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth. Various legislative attempts have been enacted in the past to limit the manufacture and sale of meth, all with some degree of success. Unfortunately, those who made meth became more creative and began using over the counter medications containing pseudoephedrine to produce the highly addictive drug. One of the biggest problems with this is that now the needs of patients who legitimately need the medication to control allergy and cold symptoms must be weighed against the need to keep the product out of the hands of those who would use it to produce meth. There are currently two options that have shown success: a drug registry and making products with pseudoephedrine available by prescription only. [click to continue…]



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