Coming into the Home Stretch

by C. Alexis Brown on April 25, 2012

As the 2012 Olympics in London steadily approaches,  Soliant’s Olympian, Keith Moffat, updates us on his progress:

It’s less than a 100 days to the London Olympics, has your training or motivation changed now that we’re getting close so close?

Yes my training has changed and I am more motivated. My workouts are more intense.  I always make sure I do everything in my workout and a little more. I do not want to look back and feel like I did not do everything possible to make this Olympic team. I may even cut my hours so that I can take my training up a notch.

What’s been going on for work? We heard you shot an internal video for Soliant – can you tell us about that? 

Work has been both busy and fun at the same time.  I was asked by Ron Washburn [Soliant’s Vice President of Nursing Operations] if I had any acting skills. I told him that, in fact, I had very little! He said that he could use me in Soliant’s next training video anyway.

Two other colleagues and I acted demonstrated a scene about handling client phone calls. I really didn’t have much time to memorize the lines, so I just read them as we filmed. It was a fun video. Everyone loved when I jumped on top of the desk and started dancing. I hope to shoot another one in the future.

What’s coming up next for you? I know you have a bunch of meets coming up…can you tell us about them or what you are doing to get ready for them?

Next up I have a meet in Des Moines, Iowa. This meet is called Drake Relays. I leave this Friday [April 27th]  to compete. From Des Moines, I will fly straight to Guadeloupe for another competition on the 1st of May. From Guadeloupe I was supposed to fly to Jamaica, but my agent is sending me to Doha, Qatar.

This will be the longest flight ever. I’m not looking forward to 14 hours on a plane.

Anything else you want to share?

My knee is really starting to bother me lately. I have patella tendinitis and it is having a bad effect on my performance. Hopefully I can have it better by the trials


Keep pushing, Keith! Your Soliant team is rooting for you!



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Ron Washburn 05.02.12 at 8:37 am

Keith based on your acting in the the Soliant video I think you’ll have tons of Ad opportunities after you take the gold in London. I’m sorry to hear about your knee bothering you; we may be able to round up a travel physical therapist to help out if you don’t have one already. Good luck.


Tim Starling 05.02.12 at 8:44 am

I hope you did not hurt your knee dancing for that training video! We are all very very proud of you. We are all inspired by your dedication and discipline. Good Luck!


Meryt 05.02.12 at 8:53 am

Best of luck to you this week! We all believe in you. You are such an inspiration to all us. Keep at it!!!!


Linda Vang 05.02.12 at 9:00 am

Way to go Keith! I’m sure the next time we see you on the big screen, it will be you preforming at the Olympics. Keep it up, there are no limits on how far you will go.


Stephanie McDaniel 05.02.12 at 9:05 am

Keith, we are cheering on back home!! I hope your knee heals and carries through to London!! We are very proud of you; keep up all of your hard work!


Telong Vang 05.02.12 at 9:05 am


Good Luck! Hope you have something to keep you entertained for 14 hours! “One chance is all you need.” – Jesse Owens (Olympain)
God Bless!



George Pulliam 05.02.12 at 9:30 am


We want to see the Moffat dance moves after you win. Keep up the hard work and I am sure you will make all of us here at Soliant proud.

Set the bar high and make it happen!!


David 05.02.12 at 9:45 am

Keith – as George said, “Set the bar high” but just make sure you clear it after you do so. Good luck!


Jessica Yurman 05.02.12 at 9:52 am

Way to go Keith!! Good Luck! We are all cheering you on!!


Tom Chapman 05.02.12 at 10:03 am

That was a hilarious video!! Your dedication to your USA Olympics is a true testament to how all of us should be to what’s important to us!! Thank you for your hard work with representing our awesome country!! Good luck in the trials!! GO USA!!!


Andrew Burnett 05.02.12 at 10:04 am

Good luck Keith! We’re all pulling for you!


Lesley 05.02.12 at 11:25 am

Keith , I love your comments on keeping your muscles strong, and adding a little bit more to each work out. Its all about growing, training, working hard, and bringing home a medal! We are so proud of you!


Donielle 05.02.12 at 2:21 pm

I hope to see all your hard work pay off by taking the stage in London! Good luck!


Jason Schortgen 05.02.12 at 2:35 pm

Best of luck Keith!!!


Jessica Limehouse 05.03.12 at 4:09 pm

Congrats Keith! We are all rooting for you!
Continue you to strive for the best, and your hardwork will pay off!
London is expecting you…

PS: Who is going to pick up my mail when you’re gone?


Brandy 05.03.12 at 4:11 pm

Good luck Keith during your upcoming meets! I know you will do great!


Jackie Roberts 05.09.12 at 11:56 am

Hope you survived the 14 hour flight! I’m looking forward to reading your updates! Stay strong and healthy! Go Keith Go!


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