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Most Beautiful Hospitals

Nominate a Beautiful Hospital

by Tera Tuten on April 15, 2014

Soliant-FB-MBH-Nominate-ShareA hospital’s beauty goes beyond its looks. It extends to the quality of care it provides. So whether it is impeccable interior design or unmatched service that has impressed you, we want to know which hospitals are keeping you happy and why!

For the sixth year in a row, Soliant invites you to  help determine the Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S. Begin by submitting your nomination here. Once the nominees are announced in just a few weeks’ time, you will be able to vote on your picks.

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Stellar Stats About Spectacular Hospitals

by Tera Tuten on October 22, 2013

The health of a person isn’t determined solely by their lack of physical ailments: it’s a combination of physical, mental, and social health. A beautiful, well-designed hospital does more than relax a patient—it improves staff functionality and comfort.[1] Soliant Health’s Most Beautiful Hospitals contest is more than a beauty pageant: beyond the 170,000 votes hospitals received for looking good in 2012, these hospitals are more than just a pretty face.[2] [click to continue…]


RESULTS: 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S. (2013) are…

After more than 100,000 votes, the results are in for Soliant Health’s 5th annual list of the 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America.
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Think of your favorite place in the world. What is it that makes you want to return over and over again? How does it feel to be in that special place? When persuading someone to visit, what words would you use to describe it? Now think of your favorite hospital. We want to know what makes THAT hospital beautiful from the ones who know it best.  People say a beautiful hospital environment enhances a patient’s healing experience … we couldn’t agree more! [click to continue…]

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20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S. 2012 Rankings

After a record of nearly 170,000 votes (more than double last year’s tally), the results are in for Soliant’s 4th annual list of the 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America. [click to continue…]


Help select the 2012 Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America!  Voting  is open at until June 18th, 2012. Winners will be announced on July 1st.

We had so many great selections this year that we had to go with the Top 51 instead of Top 50 finalists. This year’s finalists include facilities across the United States with impressive features such as meditation trails, two-story waterfalls, healing gardens, reflection rooms, and even spas where visitors can enjoy tranquil and relaxing amenities, such as massages, a sauna, and yoga lessons. The top 51 nominations are as follows: [click to continue…]


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