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Medical History

A Nursing Memo to You …From 1860

by Tera Tuten on November 27, 2012

Ever wonder – between the working conditions, technology, and knowledge of medical science – if there was ever anything good about the ‘good ol’ days’ of nursing?

Despite a lack of regulation, sanitary conditions, and other drawbacks, the early days (and I mean really early days) of nursing might be able to teach us a lesson or two when it comes to the present day.
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Modern Technological Marvels in Medicine

by Tera Tuten on September 29, 2011

If you’re still marveling over the Band-Aid or the amazing power of Nyquil, you’re in for a real shock. All kinds of innovative, incredible technology is being developed and practiced in the medical industry, and we’re going to highlight five of the most recent and impressive. [click to continue…]


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Timeline of Medical Tools and Techniques

by Tera Tuten on September 23, 2011

When people get really sick or injured, they go to the hospital with the expectation that the doctors will be able to do something about their health problems. Considering how much medical technology has advanced just over the last century, we really take this expectation for granted.

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