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Ever wondered if there was a better way to do things in a hospital?

Ever knew there was a better way and wondered if it was doable?


Check out a dozen little medical facilities around the world that could…and did:
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If it becomes reality, the Obama administration’s controversial proposal for a Canada-like option for those without a private insurance plan could dramatically impact healthcare workers. Positive or negative, here are nine things we think the plan could change:

1. Doctors’ pay will come from different sourcessoliant_obama_health_surgery1

In Canada, doctors bill the provincial healthcare system. Among other things, the Obama plan could allow people who aren’t covered by an insurance company receive affordable coverage from the government. For health care professionals treating such patients, preventative medicine in America would become a paying practice. (And hopefully a healthier population.) [click to continue…]



Top 25 U.S. Healthcare Worker Stories of 2008

by Ryan Winter on April 22, 2009

When looking back at 2008, there have been many memorable health care stories. There have been a number of achievements as well as health care issues that need to be addressed in 2009. Here are 25 of the top health care headlines for 2008: [click to continue…]


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