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How to Access Incentives to Become a Nurse

by Ryan Winter on October 6, 2009

“My friend got her way paid down to ___, her living arrangements taken care of, loans forgiven, even got a signing bonus…”

We’ve heard countless people relay such success stories of those willing to help alleviate America’s nursing shortage. But what’s the reality? Is it possible to have some (or all) of your costs for becoming an RN paid for?


Though you might not happen upon an all-expenses-paid dream scenario from a facility desperate to recruit you, there are hundreds of incentive programs to help take the financial sting out of becoming a nurse.

Here are a few of the ways – from coast-to-coast – you can get your education, re-education, and even your actual job subsidised by the communities that need nurses most: [click to continue…]



Is Speech Pathology the Right Career Path for You?

by Jennifer Bradford on July 15, 2009

In this day and age, there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of speech therapy in schools. School speech therapists are more in demand than ever before, and although the job can be very rewarding, it can be quite stressful and demanding as well. While I have never practiced in the field of speech pathology before, I have had both professional and personal relationships with many people who have. Needless to say, it isn’t for everyone. Here are some tips on speech pathology as a career that you might be able to use in finalizing your decision to pursue speech therapy or in realizing that another career avenue may be a better fit. [click to continue…]


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11 Steps To Becoming a Space Surgeon

by Ryan Winter on July 2, 2009


With NASA restructuring itself to get back to the moon and tickets for sightseeing trips into space on sale now, you might very well be ahead of the curve to keep an eye on the final frontier as a medical field in which to specialize.

What would it take to train to become a space doctor?

Based on trends in technology, mission timelines, and the projected growth of the private aerospace industry, here’s Version 1.0 of our handy pamphlet on the subject…
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The History of Physicians / Doctors

by Ryan Winter on June 18, 2009

Even in the worst of times, going into medicine is a pretty safe bet. Good thing, since the profession has existed in one form or another for more than 25,000 years.

Check out the history of being a doctor, from the Stone Age to the Information Age…It turns out that the job of being a physician was more like a hobby the farther back you go…Surgical spoon anyone? [click to continue…]



With the economy trending as it is these days, we’ve been receiving a large number of inquiries about the salary ranges of various healthcare and medical type positions, the average salaries of these positions, and even the number of years of training required for such roles.

Medical personnel smiling.

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18 Recession-Proof Jobs and/or Employment Industries

by Ryan Winter on April 15, 2009

With recent economic events, more people than ever are worried about job security. Even those who  have so called “secure” jobs want to know that their jobs are going to be needed in the future. Its only natural. Most of us want to be able to provide for our families in a consistent fashion.

With stability during recessions in mind then, here are 18 of the safest professions to hold during a recession: [click to continue…]



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